Foods list:

盐水鸭 + 茶叶蛋 (家美团契) ( salted Duck and tea leaves egg – by JiaMei fellowship)

东坡肉 + 白饭 (家美团契) ( TongBuo pork w/ white rice – by JianMei fellowship)

粟米雞茸羹 (chicken corn soup by Bartholomew Fellowship)

咖喱猪皮鱼丸 (curry fish ball by Peter Fellowship)

北京小吃 – 水饺 + 葱油饼 (Dumplings and scallion pancake by JiaMei fellowship)

凉拌粉条 (餐福) (cold noodles by Restaurant Ministry)

炸酱麪 (挪亚) (meat sauce noodles by Noah fellowship)

腊味糯米饭 (迦南) (pork meat steamed rice by Cana fellowship)

Hot Winnie / Hot dog – English Congregation (英文堂)

Ice-cream – English Congregation (英文堂)

Cake – English Congregation (英文堂)

Beverage – English Congregation (英文堂)

Pop-corn – English Congregation (英文堂)

Cotton candy – English Congregation (英文堂)


information booth, live music, health screening, book fair, arts and crafts, face painting, games, animal balloons